Almost There

Today is the first IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meeting with the new team at my little guys» new school (sigh). Before moving to Florida, I loved this day… we’d go over all the goals he’s been (hulk) smashing and make a new list of goals to look forward too… Now…, I just don’t know if it’s a “Florida” school system thing, but I’ve come across many people who either say they would have never guessed or don’t believe my son has Autism (gasp), I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult o.O … Actually, I think that’s on the list of “what not to say to an Autism parent”.

A vain attempt to bring everyone up to speed, I divulge all of my little guys progress, emphasizing (way too much) the starting point and the journey we’ve been on. Only to have them completely disregard it all and focus instead, on where he is today… »blurting out things like, “Was he diagnosed by a doctor?” (gasp)… Perhaps it’s a glitch in the system here, maybe it’s just a ‘people/mental’ glitch.

I’m standing strong, thrilled by the strides he has made and embracing how far he has come… I stand strong and continue to be my child’s voice, with a prayer in my mouth and belief in my heart that he will continue to defy the odds (we’re almost there).